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Birthday Festivities

June 17, 2013

Here’s a post that I had tried to post for days, but it didn’t work..

Wow, it’s been a few days since I posted. I was sick as a dog! I won’t go into the yucky details but two hospital trips and I’m positive I never want to experience Indian hospitals again… never was enough, but now twice is definitely enough.

It’s still my birthday in the U.S… wahoo! This is the longest birthday ever, geesh. It’s 5:45 a.m. here on June 14th and people are still wishing me a happy birthday :-P. The phenomenal staff and the AMAZING volunteers made my birthday so so so wonderful. Oh and I’m feeling much better, at about 95% 🙂



CCS (Cross Cultural Solutions), the organization I’m volunteering with, bought me a cake! Wahoo! It tasted quite… Indian. Their sweets aren’t quite like the sweets at home… but the frosting was yummy 🙂


Whoops, broke the knife.


Card signed by everyone 🙂 my personal favorite is Ganesh’s (yes, like the Hindu God, but he is a 19 year old from Oklahoma, arguably as awesome as the Hindu God himself):
“Dearest Ginelle, we send our warmest regards towards your presence for this joyous occasion and hope that your eventual intoxication will yield memories that will make your ancestors vomit.” – Ganesh


My birthday present from the staff – This is also Ganesh 😛 THE Lord Ganesh or Ganesha. Super nice of them.


Ian showing me that it could possibly be the head of an axe if it did not have a God on it.

These were all pictures from last night. We had pizza for dinner, which I was incredibly pleased about and I could eat! Before dinner the couple from Britain, Jess and Martyn taught us a card game called “shithead.”


The staff were very intrigued by it and I thought it was funny 😛


I told them in America, when I was younger we played a game called “asshole” and we turned a beer box inside out and the person who lost had to wear it on their head with asshole written on it. Martyn put his cub scout leader skills to good use and made up this hat with “shithead” written on it. This is Kody, the first shithead. I was the second shithead, but no pictures.

Later we watched amazing Bollywood films. I may overuse the word amazing, but no exaggeration here those were two of the best movies I’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t believe I waited until my last week here to start watching them. I actually honestly thought to myself at one point something like “meh, any movies that aren’t American are probably garbage.” Typical ignorant American thing to say, and I consider myself pretty far from ignorant. Whoops. They were amazing!! Barfie and Jodhaa Akbar. If anyone loves a good movie, I highly highly recommend them.

The day would have been perfect, placements were cancelled because monsoon season has closed in and the torrential downpour doesn’t stop, so I had all my buds around all day to relax with, and by the end of the day my sickness that I had for days was gone. But, while we were at the end of our last movie… I shit you not.. a cockroach the size of my damn palm flew on the wall and we all screamed like children. Even the men screamed and retreated. A staff member calmly took off his shoe and killed it, but we couldn’t believe the size of it. Plus, who knew cockroaches could fly? Not me anyways. Maybe it wasn’t a roach, but that’s what he said.

Then, not long later, a spider not quite as big, but a little smaller than my palm came out of Kody’s headboard. She lives in my flat. So I went to bed with a serious case of the heebiejeebies. I woke up to a nightmare hyperventilating and my roommate asking me “dude do you need a paper bag or something?” I must have been having a bug dream! And she told me, without knowing any of what happened earlier that she had been up for a while just watching an enormous spider crawl from the ceiling to the floor. So, I have had a night with little sleep. Such is life.

Today I go back to placement and this weekend I’ll rest. Namaste ❤


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