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New Delhi Excursion!

May 26, 2013


Today we ate lots of yummy Indian food, had orientation and some background on the organization. Then, we headed off to do some exploring in New Delhi. I did a few epic things today! Here are some pictures πŸ™‚ Much more fun than words.

ImageI’m in the blue! πŸ™‚ We toured some tombs today, the family that built the Taj Mahal are buried here.


I can feel my grandmother cringing through the screen, but when I had the opportunity to hold a cobra I jumped at the opportunity and was the first one to do it! I got to get kisses from this little guy πŸ™‚ Pictures to follow soon, I just jumped right up to grab him so others took pictures for me on their cameras. He was adorable. And very soft. I guess I’m really good at telling people to screw themselves. He tried saying to give him 50 rupees and everyone started taking it out of their wallets and I said no, no, no. For each of us that hold it, we willgive him 10. No need for that. Haha. I feel like this was natural for me!

Here are some various pictures from today’s adventure:


And on our drive, we saw a monkey, then we saw 5, then 10 and we realized there were just a bunch of monkeys on the side of the road!!! Like the bunch of girls we are we all screeched AWWWHHH monkeys! And made our driver stop so we could get a closer look.


Adorable! What else? There are tons of pictures, but this is taking forever to upload them! I’ll leave one last one before I pack up my suitcase and jump on the bus to Dharamsala. Which has reclining seats and A.C. by the way! Woo hoo.


I got my job assignment. I will be working in a daycare 5 days a week with 1-6 year olds. I requested teens or women, not sure how I ended up with babies, but we’ll roll with the punches I guess.

Namaste ❀


To make this trip happen I DRAINED my savings. If you’d like to donate to a broke college student out to put a dent of change in the world, please use Paypal and use my email – πŸ™‚

If you don’t have a PayPal, it is simple and free to sign up. Thanks a bunch!



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